A warm welcome to my website. Here, I’ll intent to share with you one of my favourite pastime: DXing or if you prefer, chasing weak radio signals and making with them, some kind of collection. In my case, I'm interested mainly in long wave and medium wave broadcast. This can be compared with those people who are looking for that rare stamp or that rare piece of art. For those of you who share this passion, you’ll understand that despite the fact that there is no market value, you’ve earned this trophy after that long wait for surprising DX. Furthermore, when listening to a certain station, you might want to learn more on its country, its culture and history!

Perhaps it also took you quite some time building those antennas, matching transformers, splitters etc... And suddenly, you get rewarded when an unexpected foreign station comes in. You can now say to yourself that for this brief moment, you well might be the happiest person in the world !!

J'ai choisi de publier ce site Web en Anglais malgré le fait que le Français soit ma langue maternelle pour la simple raison qu'il peut être lu par plus de personnes toutes nationalités confondues. N'hésitez pas à me contacter en Français si vous le désirez. SN.

Decidí publicar este sitio Web en Inglés para poder ser leído por un mayor número de personas y  de varias nacionalidades. Si usted se siente más confortable en comunicarme en Castellano, por favor, siéntase tranquilo en hacerlo. SN.

** NEW audio files were added to the European and Middle-East Audio Files page on November 2016

Learn here why I enjoy so much practicing this hobby!**

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**Please be advised  that I’m no engineer and the content of this website is based on my humble knowledge. That said, it is not impossible for some of you to find some parts that would need to be revised. Don’t hesitate to report if needed.

** NEW audio files were added to the European and African Audio Files pages on January 2017